Our lucky number, 17.

On Thursday afternoon K had a meeting in town. Then he went with me to the Spring Preview Party in my office. There was a bake-off and wine and pirogis!
Then we walked up to Youngest's school for the Junior Show.


Youngest had four pieces exhibited.


This one was printed in four layers of acetate. Each layer provided a different set of graphics.


This one is made entirely of code.
He created a magazine as well - too difficult to photograph.

He escorted us through the crowd and described each piece in careful detail.
He introduced us to his friends, each of whom spoke of him with great earnestness and emotion, and his favorite professors, who spoke of him with pride.


He is 21 today.

Proud doesn't even begin to describe our feelings.


Congratulations to Youngest on his coming of age and such great work! Love the printed layers of acetate - and the code! Oh my!

Loving this time of life when our kids are coming into their own.
Jan said…
21!! I can hardly believe it. Congratulations to you all. 21.
alice c said…
Congratulations Youngest! 21! I wish you a year full of good things, exciting projects and interesting people.
Duyvken said…
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! xx
Scot said…
Happy 21st Youngest! Hope your birthday is as big as your potential! Have you done the Pub Crawl with your crazy brothers yet?
Paola said…

What an amazing person!
Jen on the Edge said…

Just... wow.

Such talent.

And also, 21? When did that happen? Wasn't he just 14?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on ALL of their success! What a talented posse you hang with...