Thursday, at work, I did just the smallest thing...and I wrenched my lower back.
It didn't cripple me.
The quick dose of prescription Motrin helped but, by the end of the day, I was hobbling.
My boss (back from a month abroad) has always had a bad back and gave me instructions and sent me packing early.
Unfortunately, this happened before I could leave, so I grabbed a pal and hit a bar.
It was nice because she and I had been trying to have some time together before I left town.
(And because the person was not badly injured.)

I've never flown to Europe or the UK during the day and now I think I can see one of the reasons why business people don't. Although I believe my sleep schedule might be better off, I was completely surrounded by young families with small children. Babies. I don't mind crying babies on planes because I wear my headphones nearly all the time but there was one who was about four months old who cried and cried. I wished I could have walked him. You know how, sometimes, you have a feeling if you walked the baby up and down the aisle, soothing and patting, that it must certainly help if only by giving the parents a break? I felt like that.

Alas, I was kind of crippled.
I took pills.
I watched Cake.
I ate frittata.
Frittata and many carbs: a roll, crackers, potatoes, a muffin I didn't eat. Then there was a snack of two different kinds of crackers with some scary-looking roasted pepper paste. Anyone who ordered wine got two of those little bottles, which was swell.
It was pretty bumpy for a while and then we were in London.
Thank goodness for that luggage we bought last year. Wheels.
I took a heinously expensive cab (wonderfully nice driver) to the hotel, checked in, unloaded, and ran around the corner to get snacks.
I had baguette and brie room-service dinner, hung up my things (how can my suitcase have been so heavy and I have so few outfits?) and it looks like I did not forget anything major. Looks like, I say because I always forget something like all of my underwear or socks or some important thing but it seems I have not.
Today I need to go to Boots and buy pain patches for my back. For some reason, the amazing patches I have for my wrist don't do it like the regular ones from the store.
And THEN I am going to find Selfridges.
It's a tube and a walk and another tube away. Or a taxi (too $$$$) or a bus. The bus looks easiest.
Did I tell you we watched Mr. Selfridge?
It was awful but we stuck with it.
Awful. Jeremy Piven, who I used to like quite a bit, is just stiff and wooden and terrible.
Anyway, everything in the show that takes place in the store happens in Accessories. And you know how I love accessories. So.
Tomorrow I have dinner with Alice and her Eleanor. And work.
But first it's one of those great Euro-hotel breakfast bars.
I'm hungry.
It's too early though.
Maybe a nap.


Paola said…
So close yet so far.
alice c said…
Am I brave enough to wear a scarf in the presence of the World Expert in scarf tying? No.

But we can't wait to see you xx
Lucille said…
Welcome to London. I'm glad the weather is fine for you and please say hello to Alice for me.
Duyvken said…
I always feel that way about babies. Always. I hope your back doesn't hold you up too much while you are away. Enjoy Selfridges. x
izzyt said…
there's a chocolate store in the food court of selfridges.... to die for.
And interesting, I have found Mr. Selfridge more engaging than the wildly popular Downton Abbey. Eh, who knows.
Ugh, so sorry about the back.We need to talk about having you meet a certain baby....
kmkat said…
So sorry about the back, I share your opinion of the Selfridges show, and have a great time!