things to see

I nevernevernever discuss politics here and I'm not planning on it.
I don't like the conversation about women and aging - and I believe it will only cease to be an issue when we don't need to discuss it...but I can't resist this. I think it's the outstretched arms that get me.

My tiny cousin is turning six. I'm having fun shopping for a present.

She loves these too, which is funny because so did Oldest!

We make blueberry slump. This one looks amazing - we don't do crumbs on top. I love Food52.

New kettle or instant hot water tap? Tough decision. I fear budget may decide it.

It's been ages since I've done this kind of parenting obvs, but this is genius, I think.

Good to know.

This Design Sponge inspired lipstick looks pretty.

I love shops like this.

20  Completely Pointless Websites. Golden.

Amazing and beautiful.


Jen on the Edge said…
My girls LOVED Calico Critters when they were little.
Paola said…
Just bought an electric kettle (never had one!) for E15. HA
That video is indeed beautiful but they are all way too gorgeous. Grin.