the week in review

It was the last week of me on my own with my boss overseas.
I wore what might be considered pajamas to work and finished up a few little things to prepare for the week ahead (I'm off to London on the 11th!).

Hard to say which is cuter...Youngest or a carrot wearing boxer shorts.
Many many things caught my eye at Ikea last weekend. I told K that we should re-new our wedding vows so we can register and get presents.

It is well and truly spring at my house. There are tiny little buds and blossoms pushing up in our garden and, if it doesn't snow, I might do some cleaning up outside to make things look better.

But what about your hand, I can hear you wondering.
I am finishing PT next week, stopping that last dose of Lyrica and we'll see where we are.
I think it has come as far as it is going to. I know I've said this before but I really do think it is what it is. I'm at about 80 - 85% of normal most days (I think). My palm is still mostly numb and I'm dealing with it each day (I'm not confident handling a knife in the kitchen, I can't manage an umbrella and my handbag, writing is still somewhat difficult.)
I have one last hurdle in that I need to have one more conversation with the surgeon about the hardware in my wrist. A tendon on the inside of my wrist and a screw don't always play nicely together and there is a palpable lump on the top of my wrist where the sharp end of a screw sticks up.
My fancy doctor has always said I'll take all of it out if you ask me to, but I do not want the decision to be mine. Who would volunteer for surgery? He promises it is much less serious when there is no injury but I am not sure. Part of me doesn't want hardware, part of me can live my life just as well with it (unless it "frays a tendon").
One. Last. Conversation.

Filed under April Showers: a pipe burst in the ceiling and flooded an office from above this week.
Very exciting. Have I mentioned my company may be moving? I think each of us has a mental list of pros and cons re moving. The pros are beginning to outweigh the cons.

Waiting for a train with Youngest, he has me laughing till I cry...

So, you notice they had to install special monitors at each ticket window to tell you which window you're at. Apparently they haven't plugged in the monitor for window 9 or 10...but, you know, a piece of paper works...except at window 10 where the number is so large that the paper must print it in landscape mode. Note the "closed" sign? Very professional. 
Meanwhile an announcement says: PROCEED TO WINDOW 8.

We heard this too.

For a moment we thought it was our beloved violin teacher - it wasn't.

On the train: rosary beads and holy Hebrew scripture on one side.


Ancient, adorable elderly couple holding hands and smiling on the other side.

It was a good week.


Scot said…
You gotta stop and see who's playing. It might be Joshua Bell!

"Real good, and for free" (sigh)
Duyvken said…
I love the little peeks into your home. The hyacinths, the chalkboard, the beautiful chairs - gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Oh, your subway rides!
I'd be with you on delaying any further surgery.
An office move--you'd miss your 'hood, wouldn't you? It sounds like such a charming location, but a burst pipe is no good either.