the week behind, the week ahead

I'm not sure if I was jet-lagged or exhausted but I did a lot of sleeping last week.

Our office was full of poetry, it being National Poetry Month, and we wrapped up with our annual poetry lunch which I catered and which was a great success.


That's Billy Collins Morning weaving its way through the office.


I've written a long (well, it felt long as I cannot write more than three or four sentences) goodbye and thank you note to my amazing physical therapist. I'm going to send a bouquet of flowers to her and am not returning.
I'm done with the pain management doctor and his medication, although I have not been released by the surgeon as yet. I think we'll have one last visit.
The point is: I'm done being a patient.
I worked for a whole week with no PT and no Lyrica.
I'm learning how my hand really feels and adjusting to its limitations.
So, greatly freeing in one way and slightly disappointing in others.
It may improve but I, who am usually optimistic, am not expecting much more...and this is fine.

I need to get over my fear of people touching me. I don't mean the people in my life, I mean people like the amazing lady who cuts my hair.
Step one: get a haircut. Done.

I'm wearing my spring shoes, too.

I put away the winter clothes and laughed with a pal about our wardrobe problems.
Her pie chart of issues.

She cracks me up.


I am cheating on my morning cafe.
I know. I KNOW.
But they have the most amazing tea at this other cafe and my favorite cafe began selling me Bigelow Earl Grey which WILL NOT DO.

The light is lovely, it feels like spring, the garden is coming up.

I was looking at my posts from last April. So many things have happened and changed and I see now that that thing I wanted and did not get was, of course, exactly what was supposed to happen and a good thing.

This seems to have been one of the longest years of my life.

My boss will be away from the office for most of the summer. I am contemplating how best to use this time. I'm thinking of taking vacation days on Fridays.
I'm looking forward to a beach day.


Anonymous said…
Here's to a fresh start with some things behind you.
Your office always makes me smile. That poem wrapped around the room! I adore that!
Paola said…
I feel very confident that you will do great with your hand even though now it must feel weird after such a long PT plus the strong med.
I wish I could be there to hold your hand. I know it's useless but still.
Your office is a magic place.
If you have spare time in the summer, come over!
Crazy Mom! said…

You are wearing socks that are NOT black or grey. They have COLOR!

So glad that things are looking up, and the worst of The Ordeal is over.
Jen on the Edge said…
Congratulations on graduating from PT. I am hopeful that a year from now you will be greatly improved -- even more than you think you will be.