Succulents make me anxious. I mean it. I can't bear to look at them, and they're all the rage.
No more Lyrica. I can feel slightly more of the palm of my hand and it hurts a little at night.

A packet of tissues I bought in London carried a warning on the label not to wash them.
First thing I did when I got home? A load of wash. With a tissue in it.

There aren't too many bad Sean Connery movies but First Knight may be one of them.

I cannot stand people eating on the train. The woman next to me had grapes this morning and
I was beside myself...and yet, I love watching people eat lunch.

The same is true for watching women apply their make-up. No for the train, yes in front
of me under most other circumstances. I love watching women apply make-up.

Surprisingly, I did not have any good tea in London.

The airline version of most suspense films seem to be perfect for me. Some of the tension
and violence is usually cut which makes it possible for me to be able to watch things like Gone Girl.

My breakfast at a European hotel: one hard boiled egg, one slice of grainy bread with butter,
three slices of fruit.

Youngest is weeks away from turning 21. I'm going to look for a baby picture of him.
You won't believe it.


Wendy said…
I had no idea movies were altered for viewings on airplanes.
Paola said…
Oh boy.
Anonymous said…
I need to boil some eggs. That's a good breakfast.