London update

Here I am.
It's my third full day and my back is nearly normal. I spent yesterday lifting and moving things during which time my back did quite well and after which my hand was uncomfortable.
Say la vee.

The weather has been cool and very windy but today and tomorrow are supposed to be hothothot.
And what have I been seeing and doing?


Selfridges on a Sunday by bus was probably the most interesting and stupidest.
Oxford Street on Sunday was a bad idea. The crowds were awful.
But I took the bus and loved it.

I saw this -


Which must certainly be the best statue of a man holding up an elephant ever created.


I met Alice and her beautiful Eleanor for some wonderful dinner and lots of talktalktalk.

I had the rosé that Brad and Angelina produce. It was quite nice.


And, while meeting for drinks late in the evening in the hotel bar seems to be the theme of the week,
I was smart enough to remember to have one of these before I went to bed.


Do YOU know whose car this is?


Half of my boys did:

Ahh, London.


Paola said…

SIGH ...

Not much more I can say.
Crazy Mom! said…
Looks lovely. One of those pedi-cabs would have been fun to take!

I'm fond of London - always something interesting. But oh Paris!