A week feels like a long time.
It's a good thing though, being away on my own and having time alone.
I came home missing everyone and every thing.

I don't let the housekeeper in my room every single day when I'm away. Sometimes there have been outfit explosions or I've left papers everywhere. Sometimes I don't want someone else around my stuff.
So I didn't let her in for a few days in London and when I came back to the hotel on Thursday evening, after letting her in, I discovered she had rearranged every little pot and bottle and put some things in pyramids.


And don't you love how high/low my selection of products is?
Chanel AND Ponds.

A co-worker and I ventured forth to the UK office.

We had a good long tube ride and then a walk and I loved meeting the staff.
We went to lunch across the street and I found myself in a restaurant I love but where I had kind of a professionally life-changing dinner last year.

If it was in New York it would be so terribly, terribly hipster I wouldn't approve, but in London it's just right.
I exorcised the demons lurking there with rosé (lots of rosé this trip) and veg.

Tomato salad, bread, olives, marcona almonds -

and radishes. It all tasted like springtime and, what with great chat and easy people to be with, I'll now be able to let one more small bit of a bad experience go and eat there next time as it is across the street from the office!


Don't you love foreign signage?

The Metropolitan Transit Association would never explain something like this.


My final dinner was not terribly thrilling but there's something to be said for supermarket cheese and crackers in one's hotel room whilst watching foreign television and the sunset.


It was a great week.
I am lucky to be able to go - and I work damn hard when I'm there.




Paola said…
My second favourite place in the world. Why? Because it's like NY but with that splash of Royal which is ahmazing.

That sign would have been MUCH apprecited in Paris when myself and poor Brizio had to lug our suitcases up and down a million steps and tunnels dans le métro!

Say la vee!
There is nothing like Coming Home. Loved the London pics!