you can't always get what you want: links

We're enjoying Sister Rosetta Tharpe this weekend.

Agave healing oil hairbrush? What the what?

I could buy insurance from this company.

I LOVE airport codes.

Some of these are wonderful.

Is it too late for a cozy sweater? Probably.

Oscar faces.

Click play at 47:00

A little more Tig.

What in the world is going on here?

Mondays don't have to be so hard.

I am the complete opposite of a psychopath!

Ten non-fiction books to blow your mind.


Amy A. said…
Since your hair brushes last 20 years, maybe you can splurge for a mason pearson. I hear they are fab.
Scot said…
I couldn't help but wonder how many women, much less African American women picked up electric guitars in the early 60's?

Start at Act 2:

Isn't the insurance lady the same person who gets outbid for her own groceries in that geico ad?
Crazy Mom! said…
I too am the complete opposite.

I read FHP daily - the article on yesterday's person of the day made me cry because of the goodness in the face of horror.