yesterday was my Friday

With my boss doing some extensive traveling, I'm taking days off when I am able.
He left yesterday and doesn't return till April (he's going to work from Paris and London, though, people, it's not all vacation).

Yesterday I might have labeled this SETBACK, today I'm trying to frame it as continued care.


My thumb needs to be immobilized for a while.
Weak ligaments, fluid in the joint...the schmancy surgeon ordered a daytime splint and a nighttime splint.
My darling physical therapist saw the disappointment in my eyes and worked hard to be encouraging.
I'm not happy.
I see the doctor again in five weeks and am hoping this phase will be done.
Meanwhile, I feel more every day and am amazed at how much pain the Lyrica must have masked.
So, actually, that turned out to be a treatment I initially resisted but was necessary.
I am hopeful that if I follow my instructions this time it will be equally as successful.


All my snow-wishes have come true.
Snowing again all day today.
I'm sorry, everyone, I love it.


Beautiful rings on the subway last night.
(I'm going to wear rings again next year.)


My gorgeous co-worker K helped me tremendously by making a call to Italy.
It's a shame I didn't capture more of it - she has a lovely voice and her Italian was impressive!
I have a major crush on her.

I'm watching Susan Graver on QVC this morning (terrible website, eh?) and I want cropped leggings and a modal cardigan and a drapey washable "silk" top.
Interestingly, nothing comes in grey. (I've never ordered A SINGLE THING from QVC.)

I'm off to make an egg!


Glad the snow isn't wasted on you!
Snow is lovely if you can sit inside and watch it while drinking a cup of tea.

Cropped leggings are my winter pants, under a cotton dress and light cardigan.

Paola said…
Patience. Dad is in surgery RIGHT NOW, knee replacement. I am so looking forward to his therapy.

Wish I could help with your Italy calls.

Snow. A lot of snow.
LawBelle said…
Hugs, bb. Darkest before the dawn and all that. :)
kt said…
The splint-y thing + black Velcro (at first glance) appeared cow-patterned. Cool
kmkat said…
I like snow and winter, too, but when the weather suddenly warmed up earlier this week I remembered SPRING! And now I am looking forward to it. Winter can just leave now until next November.

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