yesterday was my Friday

With my boss doing some extensive traveling, I'm taking days off when I am able.
He left yesterday and doesn't return till April (he's going to work from Paris and London, though, people, it's not all vacation).

Yesterday I might have labeled this SETBACK, today I'm trying to frame it as continued care.


My thumb needs to be immobilized for a while.
Weak ligaments, fluid in the joint...the schmancy surgeon ordered a daytime splint and a nighttime splint.
My darling physical therapist saw the disappointment in my eyes and worked hard to be encouraging.
I'm not happy.
I see the doctor again in five weeks and am hoping this phase will be done.
Meanwhile, I feel more every day and am amazed at how much pain the Lyrica must have masked.
So, actually, that turned out to be a treatment I initially resisted but was necessary.
I am hopeful that if I follow my instructions this time it will be equally as successful.


All my snow-wishes have come true.
Snowing again all day today.
I'm sorry, everyone, I love it.


Beautiful rings on the subway last night.
(I'm going to wear rings again next year.)


My gorgeous co-worker K helped me tremendously by making a call to Italy.
It's a shame I didn't capture more of it - she has a lovely voice and her Italian was impressive!
I have a major crush on her.

I'm watching Susan Graver on QVC this morning (terrible website, eh?) and I want cropped leggings and a modal cardigan and a drapey washable "silk" top.
Interestingly, nothing comes in grey. (I've never ordered A SINGLE THING from QVC.)

I'm off to make an egg!


Anonymous said…
Glad the snow isn't wasted on you!
Snow is lovely if you can sit inside and watch it while drinking a cup of tea.

Cropped leggings are my winter pants, under a cotton dress and light cardigan.

Paola said…
Patience. Dad is in surgery RIGHT NOW, knee replacement. I am so looking forward to his therapy.

Wish I could help with your Italy calls.

Snow. A lot of snow.
LawBelle said…
Hugs, bb. Darkest before the dawn and all that. :)
kt said…
The splint-y thing + black Velcro (at first glance) appeared cow-patterned. Cool
kmkat said…
I like snow and winter, too, but when the weather suddenly warmed up earlier this week I remembered SPRING! And now I am looking forward to it. Winter can just leave now until next November.