Sunday dinner

The snow fell all afternoon while the pork roasted in the oven.
The whole house smelled wonderful.
We spent the day pretending to be patient.
Oldest shoveled.
Youngest did homework.
Middle reappeared with his best pal.


Peas and rice were prepared.
Creamed coconut was added to the rice.

The skin was left intact to preserve the moisture in the meat.
K esconditoed* some onions to have on the side.
I threw together those half-melted individual chocolate lava-style cakes.

We critiqued the entire meal.
Was the pork well-flavored?
Was the rice sweet?
How amazing were the onions?!


I swear - if we ever dare to eat and rate anything put before us at less than three Michelin stars of quality I don't know what will happen to us!

Middle was quite accurate.
We are harsh critics.

And we eat well.

* I have no clue what the onions were called or how K prepared them but they were amazing.


Scot - from my iPad said…
Save me a plate! That looks great. I did burgers then realized I didn't have any buns! Thankfully, I have tortillas. Add green chili and cheddar - FEAST! Nice roasting pan!
Anonymous said…
*escabeche - Simple pickled onions

Paola said…
A scapece!
We have it too, see? My late dear grandpa used to make anchovies a scapece (or alla scapece).
But I will admit I like escondidoed MUCH better.
L.P. said…
You have a rich and lovely life, in spite of accidents and bad luck and low times. How skillfully you make the best of it!