Photos of snow are like photos of fireworks...

... it's hard to tell how amazing it looks IRL.


Each day K and Oldest re-dig our path to the door and clear the steps.

I noticed some great icicles across the street.
See what I'm saying?

It doesn't look like much.

We're not putting away the shovels just yet.


Anonymous said…
I cannot tell you how much I love the exterior of your home. Those shingles give me tingles. It's especially pretty with all the snow. And can HAVE it. I'd be so over it by now! But your snowy attitude is as sunny as can be. Good for you!

Paola said…
I think you're the only one left that STILL enjoys the snow, lol.
It's beautiful though!
I see one (or more) of your men is a Sam Adams fan.

Please, Please do not fall on the snow/ice. If you do, hold your healing hand up over your head so it doesn't hit the ground. Or wrap it in bubble wrap every time you leave the house.
Duyvken said…
It is so beautiful. It was such a treat to see it falling.