notes from the commute

I used to see her every day.
I hadn't noticed her absence until the day before yesterday, when she re-appeared.
She's small(ish) with a grey bob.
She's a little squinty, could probably use glasses.
I'd like to say she's older than me, but she probably isn't.
She sat in front of me the day before yesterday.
She was wearing a sling and her left arm was in a cast.
It was the kind of cast you get after surgery: two pieces of plaster with a bandage wrapped around them.
She moved slowly and gingerly and I wished I could talk to her, but I didn't.
I looked down at my phone and thought...
okay, Universe, it's someone else's turn.


Poppy B. said…
You've met your doppelgänger!
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh no, the poor dear.
KPB said…
You should talk to her.
Paola said…
Why didn't you talk to her?