links for Saturday

K and I are off on an adventure in New Jersey!

Here are some great links to keep you busy.

Why, why, WHY are all the interesting linen garments in Japan? and so expensive?!

I could have an email exchange with Maira but I don't think I'd sound as intelligent. We do have broken bones in common.

I'm not sure I knew Food52 had a Home page. Delighted.

Want. Nifty label too, eh?

I'm also wanting a nude lipstick. I think I'll need professional assistance choosing one. Do you fill your cart at places like Sephora and then never click SUBMIT? I do it all the time.

I love postcards. This is a good idea.

Poor kid probably wasn't wearing a helmet either. Now that I think on it, none of my children were especially attached to Sesame Street (and two of them were ON it).

I've just heard Dame Edna on NPR tell the interviewer: I am approaching 60, darling. I'm approaching it. Unfortunately, it's from the wrong direction.

How sweet are these?

Oh, how this tugged at me.

Did I post this already? But it's so good!

I'm jumping up and down screaming WHO CARES?! WHO? CARES?

Yes. New Jersey.
We're taking two trains and a taxi.

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Paola said…
I fill all kinds of carts all over the web.
That single mom story is frightening.
Paola said…
I want a full report.
Anonymous said…
Have fun in Jersey!
I really, really, really liked that, too. And you. I really, really, really like you!
Crazy Mom! said…
Have fun - I heard that interview on NPR. Dame Edna is too funny.