links for Monday

I'm at home doing some doctor things today but have some good links to share.

I do like these bears. Wouldn't it be fun to give bears to people randomly?

I'd like a pair of these but determining my size has prevented me from taking further action.

If the earth was a pixel...K loves this site.

I don't really watch Downton Abbey but I do love her. Text form here.

Swings are always fun.

Could be handy. Not for me, of course, but still.

Convenience food confessions. Fascinating. I think, for us, it would be frozen peas or jarred pasta sauce.

I like to see if I can think of how each of these windows look in situ.

Okay. The guy is good with bubbles.

I read these to K but he knew them all.

I made the shortbread.



Paola said…
Your links are absolutely amazing, every.single.time.
Fabio is deeply thankful to K for that solar system link.
I am just speechless at the wonderful things you present us.
I am like a little child, I know.
Greetings from cold and snowy Massachusetts. My Mom chose February 24 to fall and fracture her pelvis.

Convenience food? Frozen peas, canned salmon, jarred pasta sauce that I add heaps of fresh veggies, hoisin sauce.
KPB said…
I just sent off a job application BEFORE reading your post WITH the make your resume pretty link. Dammit.
Scot said…
This one is so K's map doesn't make you feel too small:

Joni Mitchell was right, ...we're stardust, we're golden...

and this one, well I don't know what this one is for. It was posted 3 times on facebook this weekend and honestly, it should be titled DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME IF YOU'RE OVER 50!

Kids got some moves, I'll say that much.....
Duyvken said…
Mmmm, shortbread.
Anonymous said…
A pixel earth--wow--that was super awesome.
Thought of you today as I waited at the rheumatologist for the post-aspiration/cortisone shot talk and refused the offer of Vicodin. I do hope your pain is being managed well.
L.P. said…
I've been wanting to make shortbread for the past week, going to do it tomorrow for sure.

My freezer is stocked with frozen vegetables. I never think of them as "convenience" foods because they're pretty much unprocessed and often have more vitamins than fresh (if the fresh has been sitting around awhile). Less waste, too. But I do have those frozen cubes of garlic,which is definitely a convenience!