lavender, it's always lavender

I was having a stressful morning when I decided I'd get something to eat at a little place around the corner and relax a bit.
The easiest way to get to this little place is to cross the street, walk through a store of lovely things go out the back entrance and to the left.
Sometimes I browse a little at the lovely things and that day I spied some lavender hand lotion. I decided to try the tester. It had cedar in it as well, two of my favorite scents. I smoothed some lotion on my hands and thought about it.
I kept walking to the restaurant, ordered a small salad at the counter and sat down with it.
This place makes wonderful salads with unexpected ingredients. I had kohlrabi, radishes shaved thin, pistachios and slivers of cheese. There was the best and lightest hint of dressing.
I was given a linen napkin and antique silverware.
And, just as I swallowed the first bite I did that thing - that awful thing when you inhale just a teeny bit of something.
It was dressing. Just a breath of dressing.
I started choking but not really choking. It just felt that way. I coughed so hard my eyes were watering. You know what that's like.
So I coughed and sputtered into the beautiful linen napkin. And, as I tried to catch my breath so I could finish eating I thought: my god, this napkin smells amazing.
Clearly, I wasn't in too much distress to not notice the scent. Beautiful!
I finished my lunch and went back to the counter to order a cup of tea to go, still sniffing the napkin.
Trying my best to seem normal I said: I know this is strange, but this napkin smells amazing - can you tell me how it was laundered?
The woman at the counter laughed and said she had no idea.
I got my tea, which was, by the way, AMAZING, and left.
I walked back through the store full of lovely things toward my office...and that's when I spied the table of hand lotion with which I had subtly scented my napkin.


sara0611 said…
Did you buy some?
I have the same reaction to the smells of lemongrass or eucalyptus.
Anonymous said…
And citrus. Lavender and citrus always get me. Have I ever smelled them together? Now I am wondering...
Your stress-relieving ritual sounds really nice.
Paola said…
The image of you coughing/chokingg (but not really choking) and simultaneously appreciating the scent is just.too.much
You are the BEST!
I am sorry to remind you that I do in fact hate lavender.
Yes, I might the sole person on the planet to do so, but I do.