if I wore...

If I wore dressier clothes that were more tailored, I'd shop here.

If I was younger and groovier, I'd shop here.

If I were younger and TALLER? Here.

If I had more patience with websites I might shop here.

If money was no object.

If it was really REALLY no object.

If I wanted someone whose sensibilities I admire to choose my clothes for me so I could pare down my wardrobe and only have wonderful pieces that would last forever.


Anonymous said…
I need a stylist. Looking at these websites makes me realize how lazy and awful I must appear.
Duyvken said…
Oooh, the quotidienne site is amazing.
Paola said…
I always loved your style and your ability to look amazing in whatever you wear.
It's a rare thing and I, for one, don't have that.
Nowadays trend is wearing THAT item in THAT moment, nomatter what size or shape you are. Wrong on so many levels.
You stand out for your unique, timeless, cool style.
Anonymous said…
I too think you have amazing style and good taste.

If money were no object at all ever for me, I'd wear everything Bottega Veneta. I drool over their ads.

pj said…
love how you categorized it ;)
kmkat said…
I saw several things on that dosa website that looked exactly like something you would wear and love. I also noticed they do not seem to bother with petty details like price.

I also realized, looking at these sites, that appropriate style depends on context. In my context -- rural n.w. Wisconsin, I am stylish. In NYC? Not so much. But that's totally ok; I do not plan to spend much time, if any, in NYC ever again.
Unknown said…
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