March 21, 2015

I can't help it.

I love it.






kmkat said...

It blows my mind that you have all that snow in NY and we have NONE left in northern WI. All the years that my son was going to school in Manhattan, he would be out in shorts and t-shirts while we were still wearing boots and coats.

Anonymous said...

bb, it's just so pretty. Your home wears it well too.


Scot said...

When I see snow falling from the skies there's a 10 year old child in me that wants to grab my boots, sled and gloves and throw snowballs at you. I get the feeling that same child lives in you too. Probably in most of us.

Duyvken said...

It really is beautiful. And, given how much of you have been getting, it is a good thing you like it so much.

Paola said...

Thanks for sharing shots as I haven't seen much of it this year.

Magpie said...

that second picture, where you're looking at the bottom of the branches, is totally awesome. it's a view i can't remember ever seeing before.