good/not so

Good: I only take one Lyrica a day.

Not so: got out of bed yesterday morning for a meeting with an insurance agent. He didn't.

Good: I have a new fondness for dandelion root tea.

Not so: my physical therapist gasped a little when she found the pointy end of screw #5 poking up under her hand from inside my wrist (but not through my skin, don't faint).

Good: three weeks to London!

Not so: I'm nearly out of foundation, powder, brow make-up and our 20 year-old hair brush fell apart.

Good: I'm sitting on the couch watching QVC.

Good: walked to work all week, ate carefully.

Not so: I look exactly the same.

Silver lining: I've reached my maximum co-pay amount and so, for the rest of the year, all of my medical care and prescriptions are covered 100 percent.
No co-pays for me.
Everything's free...
which is good as I'm out of foundation and powder and have to be budget-minded.


I like that you reached your co-pay in March.

I don't like WHY you reached your co-pay in March.
Paola said…
Lately I can only see bad.
That's not good.