Home today as my boss continues his work overseas...Wednesday too as I have three (!) doctors appointments. As Kim would say: envy me at your leisure. 
So, though I've tidied up the kitchen and been to the pharmacy, I also spent the morning loafing on the internet.

Has anyone used this? I am forever searching for a liner for my waterline that does not rub off or fade away.

I have a cart waiting for me at Sephora. I need a ship to come in - as it were. This foundation is great.

Old Lady Crush.

Note to me: Puritan Grey?

One of the best things I've read in ages.


I'm having this sometime soon.

I know it's March Madness time. That's all I know. Watch this!

A good read if you are close to someone who is unwell.

A good read for lots of people.

Good to watch.

Two weeks to London!


Paola said…
One again I can't meet you in London. Every time I think about doing so, work gets crazy.
I want to quit.
I WANT to hug you again.
The one about everything is awful was meant for my Mom. Did I tell you I am in MA for, Oh? Another 6 or 8 weeks while Mom recovers from a fractured pelvis. She is 5 weeks into non-stop frustration and exhaustion. We won't even get to the Cape because she can't stand sitting in the car. Every bump in the road makes her gasp with pain.

I spend my days thinking of things to make her perk up a little bit. Yesterday it was as easy as taking her to my cousin's hair salon and getting her a new cut and style.

I always remember how you have handled your recovery. With patience and grace. I know you've had some private times of despair but I'm encouraged by your times of optimism,
That spoon thing, wow. Thanks for sharing it.
Badger proud in this house--and any wordsmith/basketball player makes us happy, but Nigel is a class act on top of it, too.

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