things I love to watch

Firstly, I love to watch people, of course, but I thought I'd make a list of things I like to watch on television.

1. Movies I know the end of. No surprises for me, I need to know that all will be well or that the hero will die before I start watching.

2. Kate Plus Eight. Although I just spent five minutes telling K that Kate is never ever happy, I like to watch her.

3. House Hunters. I am convinced that K and I can amass enough information from this show to move anywhere in the entire world...and we just might.

4. Jacques Pepin. He's just adorable.

5. Anthony Bourdain. Almost as adorable.

6. That British baking show, in the tent? wherein everyone is nice and genuine? Do you know it?

7. Chip and Joanna Gaines. (I know it's called Fixer Upper, that's a stupid title.)

8. The Daily Show, if I am still up at 11:00.

9. If I catch them and K is not around as he will not tolerate them: Real Housewives,  The Little Couple, 19 Kids and Counting, that show about storage units or hoarders.

10. A decent action movie, if there isn't too much bloody violence. I'm presently stuck on The Edge of Tomorrow.

11. QVC. Make no mistake - NOT HSN.


I watch almost all the same ones. Though I have never watched any QVC or HSN or any home shopping shows. NO wait, I watched Joan Rivers and her jewelry once. Also fascinated by My Big Fat Beautiful Life.
Anonymous said…
Good list!

Here's how I spend TV time:

Parks and Recreation

The Mindy Project. I LOVE THAT SHOW. I will say in all seriousness that season 3's Christmas Party Sex Trap episode is absolutely comedy genius. I have watched it about 19 times--really. Not in a row. Maybe twice in a row. But it's that good. I DVRd it and couldn't stop watching that episode and then it disappeared somehow (smad!), and then I found it on demand for a while, and then I just went and borrowed it from the library. I will probably have to buy that whole season just to get my hands on owning that episode. It is really that funny!

I love to record House Hunters and Property Brothers and then fast forward until the last 5 minutes.

I just binge watched Top Chef...the Boston one. The contestants, especially towards the end, have been some of my favorites so far. But wow, Padma L. needs to learn to dress for her style and body type. Sometimes she wears these super juvenile or tomboy clothes that are just wrong on her and it's borderline disturbing to see.

I can't bear the thought of watching Kate or other families with tons and tons of kids. Nor hoarders. But good for you! You are braver than I.

Anonymous said…
Knowing the end of a movie - me too! My oldest son gets that and will tell me if someone is going to die if I ask him (he sees all the movies before I do). My husband, not so much.

How could K not tolerate the little couple? Everyone loves the little couple, that is one of three shows I miss since I cut the cable cord.

Action movies - YES, and don't muck it up with mushy romance crap.

Had a big ta-do with QVC today, had to request a supervisor and still not satisfied. I don't watch, but received a defective product as a gift and thought they would want to rectify. But no :(.

Amy A. said…
I love watching chip, joanna and the international house hunters, too! Really hoping to win that house on Martha's Vineyard. :)

Also, I read the end of books for the same reason.
JustJulie said…
Same list as yours, but no hoarders or storage
The Affair
Nurse Jackie
Masters of Sex (!)
Sister Wives
from the Brits:
Downton (of course, even now)
Mr. Selfridge
The Paradise
Call the Midwives (Midwife?)
Paola said…
A good movie, no need to know the end, in fact I don't want to know the end.
All house hunting, home buying, home fixing, dreaming, selling shows. THey're either American or British (I get to see all the great Brit outdoors)
The Big Bang Theory
Sometimes I do watch the Brit Bake off
Homeland (my favourite even though it makes me cry because it is SO DAMN REAL!)
Parcs and Recs
Downton, is it back again? Need to check!!!

Crazy Mom! said…
Love almost anything on PBS, including
Downton Abbey
Call the Midwife
The Paradise
Scott & Bailey
The British baking show
Cooking shows with Chris Kimble

I also watch
The Good Wife
Big Bang Theory
The Daily Show (next day) - and I miss Colbert already!!!
almost any period drama, like Pride and Prejudice & the Musketeers.

I will NOT watch shopping channels. Can't do it.

But Anthony Bourdain can be my boyfriend and travel companion anytime.
Anonymous said…
I love The Great British Baking Show!
Good fun, bad teeth and biscuits!

I love it, like I love your blog, really I mean it! You hit the nail on the head (wherein everyone seems to be nice and genuine?) Imagine that? That is just how I look forward to your blog. You are a treat!
We have been watching Top Chef with the kids, I say it's child abuse and every week my husband cries when the kids get sent home.

My son and I binge watched American Horror Story Freak Show So creepy good.

I can only tolerate the Beverly Hills Housewives. The Duggers just disturb me in a way I can't even explain. I LOVE X3 the Little Couple.

I am seriously missing Parenthood. Other than that I watch Mindy, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars.
Ooh forgot about Big Bang Theory and Gotham!
Anonymous said…
Walking Dead
Real Housewives of BH, NY, OC (don't judge me)
Frontline (I'm obsessed)

I love QVC when Isaac Mizrahi is on

I'm also obsessed with a few things on Amazon Prime: The Fall; Bosch, Transparent

And on Netflix, House of Cards. I'm thinking of taking the day of the new season launch off work...

I watch too much TV. But you can have my remote when you pry it from my cold, dead hand.
Anonymous said…
There's a difference between QVC and HSN?
My remote would be dusty if I lived alone. My peeps are all about sports or CN (not CNN) or Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. The voice of Sponge Bob makes me cringe.