show and tell

I had a busy week - I'm prepping a trip for my boss that has many moving pieces.
Many trains!
I got to dog-sit for about an hour.


She had a little nap.


 Nuff said?
I still love it.
I don't have the right coat, but I still love it. (And I have perfect boots, so there's that.)

How's the hand, I hear you asking...well it's a lot better than this -

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.28.29 PM
yow! (Look, sometimes it's important to remember where I've come FROM.)
It's pretty good.
We're working on tissue and muscle loss and strength.
I'm not very strong.

These are the extraordinary women responsible for my care.


I can't say enough about them.
Without them I would have lost the use of my dominant hand.
No exaggeration.
My brilliant surgeon was only half of the story.
Meanwhile the newest patient at the hand table, the fellow we are cheering on, was stabbed.
It's so very sad - we are all working to encourage him.

Fashion week is over. Models on the subway.
Ho hum.
I've also been through the fashion section of the newspaper and have some thoughts.


Shirt dresses - fine...


or not.
You know.
No big deal.


I don't have a problem with cropped flared pants but it's dangerous territory, I'm just saying.
Cropped in the wrong place just equals pants that needn't be hemmed for me.


Cannot even look at gladiator sandals without hearing my wry German friend J:

 I'm just looking at these women in their gladiator sandals in the middle of the city and I have to laugh.


Maybe I'll try this new eyeliner format and scare the crap out of my friends at work.


Who looks more smug? Model? Camels?


I always think I like the look of Eileen Fisher outfits.
Then I add up the prices and change my mind.
The pieces look awful on eBay too, if you're wondering.

Two bonuses this week:

I brought my favorite messenger bag to the cobbler. The strap had detached and there was a torn pocket, which I didn't remember.


For ten bucks he re-attached the strap AND fixed the pocket, which I had forgotten about.

Second bonus:


I got this sweater at Old Navy for $1.97.

We got some pretty sweet deals on spices and tea from this place.



Right outside PT.
Always a source of inspiration...or a laugh.

We await snow!


1) Eileen Fisher: I always look like a homeless person in it, not that I am disparaging homeless persons but the looks is all baggy lumps for me.
2) I, too, buy cropped pants as no-hem regular length pants for moi.
kmkat said…
Sweet dog!
I shall not comment on your temps, except to say we would welcome them. (-19 F on Thursday am)
Admirable hand improvement!
I'm totally with you on the shirt dresses. And prices.
Cropped flared pants and/or gladiator sandals? Kill me now.
That eyeliner thing? Totally scary.
Be proud you had your bag repaired. And found that great sweater.
Pretty dog.

That hand is looking good!

Cobbler! YES! The last time I traveled with my wheeled duffel, the airline chewed one of the handles right off. It got fixed for less than $20. Next he gets my rolling carry-0n with the busted zipper.
Paola said…
The eyeliner. HAHAHAHA
The crop flare pants. HAHAHAHA
The shirt dress. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Stop it now. Can't laugh no more.

But your hand ... now that is something impressive. Fabio was walking by the minute I was reading and went WHAAAAA? I didn't realize how BAD it was from just my telling. Chapeau and big bow to those ladies there!

Cobblers are Gods.

-1 sounded chill to me but -19? What the frozen hell is that? People here wear snow attire at 40°F HAHAHAHA (again)
Crazy Mom! said…
What Paola said. Ditto.

Also the dress with the camels looks more like the camels' tent, tho in a pretty way.

You hand is frickin' amazing! You go! And that goes double for the PT ladies!
Anonymous said…
I love Eileen. I just can't help myself.
Duyvken said…
I admired a few Eileen Fisher pieces when I was browsing in your lovely city but they were much less appealing after I checked the price tags. Madness!
Anonymous said…
I've had the same thought about Eileen Fisher. Plus for that price they BETTER wash up well, but for that price who would risk it?
Poor PT guy. Stabbed! Dreadful!
Glad to see progress for you, though. Steady and slow work it seems.
Flared at my fat calves? HELL no. Not ever.
Cheeky signs in the city--the cherry on top of this post.