links for your Monday

It's another Monday of...I was going to say bad weather, but I don't think it's bad when it snows/rains/sleets because I like weather of any and all kinds.

Am I going to go to work?
Last Monday I went, in the ice and then snow and had to leave early as the railroad began to cancel trains because of the weather. We'll see.

In the meantime....

Are you in a bad place? I sometimes am. Sometimes it's my medication, sometimes it's just me.
This seems like a good way to deal with it.

Other people's spelling errors could be your treasures!

I'm making name badges for my co-workers. With magnets! For trade shows.

Middle's been to the museum.

Sigh. I've had a look, for the first time, at my wedding ring, which I took off myself, rather than letting the trauma team cut it off. I screamed and cried doing it and do not foresee it going back on.
The ring is in pretty rough shape - as is my finger (bone bruise). I think I'd like K to buy me a new ring (nothing extravagant).

I'm enjoying this blog.

We're putting together an order for the Atlantic Spice Market and dreaming of snowstorms on the Cape, which I'd love to experience some time.

This has been a fascinating transition. I read for days.

Read, then play. A way to go.

Have you entered?!


Jen on the Edge said…
My original wedding band and engagement ring no longer fit me. Sure, I could have them resized, but they're also gold, which I haven't worn in years, preferring silver instead. I went to Etsy and found a couple of really simple silver bands, which I wear now and love.

Husband, on the other hand, doesn't even wear a wedding ring at all.
Crazy Mom! said…
The Clara & I ring by ila&i is simply gorgeous
Paola said…
Did I ever tell you I have a friend who owns a home on the Cape? Lives in NL but owns a second home there where her father passed away just last year.
Winter storms on the Cape can be lovely. The only problem is that sometimes when the power goes out, it takes a few days to come back on.
Duyvken said…
Oh yes cold indeed! Will the railroads likely be closed on Friday? Looking forward to seeing you if you will be in the city. Does 1 still suit? We are going to the Tenement Museum for a 3.30 tour so won't hold you up too long. And good luck with ring, that is tough stuff.
Duyvken said…
Sorry to bombard your comments but outgoing email on my phone isn't working. I can read email though. Where should we meet you? Tomorrow!