It was terribly cold this week and I loved it.
I still have not perfected my outerwear (heaviest coat too difficult to maneuver in with present hand limitations? heaviest coat handicaps me further by limiting arm motion?) but I thought of a possible solution for days below 30F. I'm going to try layering my packable Uniqlo down coat underneath my favorite-but-too-lightweight wool coat. I know you're on the edge of your seat.

I got blackbirded on the train in the outfit above. A lady got on the subway and smiled at me. As I exited she pointed to my glasses and smiled and nodded.

I bought amazing new boots for ice and snow commuting at nearly half off. They've proven themselves on ice and black ice and slush lakes at crosswalks. I love them. Thank you DW.


Look! These were not little sisters.

I followed the woman I've dubbed The Elegant Lady.



She turned off my route a few blocks before mine. She's on my train. Very elegant.


We had the prettiest party ever at work to launch a new product. Prettiest. EVER.

But the highlight? Well, it may well have been attending Wine Club at the end of the hall at 4:00 on Friday...or it could have been meeting someone new at work who I think I really like, or the pink oranges I am completely addicted to BUT it WAS this


The CEO brought his new puppy to the office and she was so perfect that I fell in love.
Yes, I, the person who does not want to hear about your pet, who does not care for cute kitten videos, who could have very real access to famous animals (Grumpy Cat) and would never bother, was absolutely smitten with this nearly-full-grown Shetland Sheepdog.

And what does the weekend hold?
Not much.


Anonymous said…
My dad swears by those Bogs.
Not THOSE Bogs, but Bogs.
You have the most sensational office.
That elegant woman's POSTURE looks perfect, too.
I was nodding and smiling at your glasses.
Elegant woman's coat was lovely.
Paola said…
I LOVE seeing your face every now and then, even just a corner.
Those boots look fine indeed.
L.P. said…
If I saw you on the train, you would be my "Elegant Lady" sighting.

Oh, that sweet dog. What can I say, I am a sucker for dogs (all animals, really, but especially dogs).