the week in pictures


Oh my god, people.
That, right there, is Kassler Rippchen Mit Sauerkraut, which is smoked pork with sauerkraut and caraway and juniper and homemade grainy mustard. And the potatoes! Mashed with apple and onions with caramelized onions on top. This is the way to start a week.


Left hand, looking pretty damned good. I did lots of fine motor work this week AND have been practicing my writing.


Using a marker makes it easier. Da Umberto is an amazing restaurant, btw.


File under what to do...what to do...
A new employee wears alarmingly short skirts every single day. Fortunately, the weather demands tights at the moment. Who knows what spring will bring. I sort of ignored it but my younger counterparts tell me they are uncomfortable. As the unofficial personnel coordinator, I could speak to HR, but I don't think there are grounds. I think it's just a question of poor fashion choices.
I'm thinking about it. (They're cringing.) It's a casual office and people can pretty much wear what they like but must still be appropriate (people in shorts have been sent home).


It's boots all the time in the city. Cold, windy, wet. Boots.
I saw this little boy in the morning and the evening yesterday.


And I see the little girls in the sequined hats on the days I don't walk to the office. I'm trying to walk to the office every day.


These men were not commuting together but sat near me. Each of them was dressed beautifully. Navy, head to toe, gorgeous sweaters, beautiful computer bags, amazing shoes and socks. I think the fellow across the aisle is my new stalking victim as I've seen him daily and he has extraordinary outerwear.

As I come out of my Lyrica fog it's nice to appreciate the details around me again.


Jen on the Edge said…
While there might not be grounds for HR talking with your colleague about her short skirts, it might still be a conversation to be had with her. Just a gentle and friendly chat about appropriate attire. She might be defensive or she might genuinely appreciate some discreet, kind feedback.

Anonymous said…
That's a tough office issue to skirt around.
(sorry, I couldn't resist)
And that MEAL! OH! And one wouldn't expect those foods to photograph well, so nice job there, too.
You see the best things on your ride to and from work.
Paola said…
That dish, the presentation and its description. It's only 9:10AM and I am drooling all over the screen.
Did K prepare it? He's AMAZING.
Well, he is even if he didn't prepare it.
About the new employee, could I very politely and discreetly point out her muffin top, along with the not so straight legs that match the too short skirt?
OK, sorry.
I have a big mouth and won't keep it shut.
Duyvken said…
I love navy and wear it a lot. I really like the socks that fellow is wearing. So glad you snuck a photo for us.
Scot said…
At least once a month I have to deal with a woman who runs a city agency. She dresses like she's a teenager, short skirts, about 10 lbs of jewelery, enough perfume to make everybody in the room gag. She's also extremely loud. She's probably in her late 50's or early 60's and her voice and perfume enter the room waaaaaay before her. Somebody PLEASE come talk to her.

Apple and onions with mashed potatoes? Yum!
Jools said…
Sorry but I don't think there is anything wrong with that skirt. She has thick tights on with it. Someone in the background is wearing jeans, if the skirt is inappropriate then the jeans are too casual for work!