the blizzard of 2015

The mayor's speech last night was compelling but it was his interpreter who kept us glued to the broadcast...well, that and the apocalyptic tone adopted by the mayor.
We survived!
We got about a foot of snow (not the 20 to 30 inches we were warned about).


Oldest was out early with the snowblower we borrow from our neighbor.
He loans it, we use it and do his driveway and sidewalk as well. It works out.


K did the walk and alongside the car.


The beer is out the back door, on the step.
It's nacho night.
I think that's all you need to know.



Paola said…
For how they warned and alarmed everyone all over the globe I was so nervous and constantly checking all websites and livecams.
Thankfully it wasn't that bad.
Paola said…
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Anonymous said…
That is still a LOT of snow.
Glad you managed.
And yes, I found the interpreter fun to watch as well.
kmkat said…
I saw roughly 10 seconds of that speech. All I remember is the interpreter.
KPB said…
The translators are the best in any emergency briefing.

Nacho nights are also the best. Friday night here on the first week of school going back. I too have planned for nachos. (Although I shall be experimenting cooking it in our bbq as the stove? still broken)