random for Sunday

Read the amazing story of the men who climbed El Capitan last week.

Magic Dust. For food. (Though I adored the whole we'll send glitter to your enemies thing.)

Ooooh. (I am quite certain I can find a similar bag for about $200...less, even.)

I am mesmerized.

I actually do many of these things at work. The things below - not above.

Read about a hero.

Of course my quilting friend, Jan, would appreciate all those tiles. Now you can too.

Gorgeous images.

I am hoping for snow.

We are all cheering for Hugo and he's doing pretty well!


L.P. said…
My father ALWAYS parked at the back of he parking lot and made us walk. He was ahead of his time, I guess.
Anonymous said…
I park back, but mostly because I figure other people have a harder time moving than me and would appreciate the closer spot--I remember too well shuttling a baby carrier and two toddlers through parking lots!
Juggling. I wish I could. It looks so rhythmic and balanced and peaceful.