January 31, 2015

notes from the commute


I realized, this week, that I love looking at everyone's boots and hats and scarves.
I love slopping through the slush and snow and walking to work.
I love the cold!
But we knew this.


I try to remember to look up from whatever I'm reading to check this view from the train each morning.


Boots are the order of the day. Week. Sorrels seem to be the most popular and are far more wearable than they used to be - I have an ancient pair that must weigh ten pounds.


I have discovered that my regular boots are the easiest to wear and, with wool socks, warm enough.


The most beautiful handbag, next to me on the train. I had just admired it when its owner spilled coffee everywhere (loose lid). Fortunately I had some tissues.


Look! A Maira Kalman bag!


Boots, boots, boots! (Those are the sequin hat sisters in beanies!)


Oh my. I was staring at these not-unattractive young ladies.


Great backpack. GREAT.

And then, one of my favorite parts of the day: tea and a scone at my desk before it all begins in earnest.



Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

For the first time in years, I broke down and bought an actual pair of rubber snow boots - those duck boots that are all the rage. I wore them once and then went back to my regular leather boots with thick socks. What I lack in boots, I more than make up for in scarves.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Reading this I realize I have barely worn SHOES all winter. I have two pairs in black, two brown and Sorrels which get a lot of weekend use.
Seems I could switch from boots to sandals and skip shoes altogether.

kmkat said...

I realized this week that I would really love to have a pair of hiking-style winter boots. Sadly, my Blondos -- which are fabulous, really, but not so much on the attractiveness front -- will probably last longer than I will on this earth.

Wendy said...

You still have the coffee/tea sleeve!! You've made my day.

I just bought a pair of Bogs which are not attractive, but super warm, slip on and off without messing with ties, buckles or zippers, and are completely waterproof. Our blizzard put them to the test yesterday and they passed with flying colors.

Paola said...

I can't see the first pics but the young ladies look fine!
I must wear Hunter like boots a lot around here, when it rains a lot all stairs become wild rivers.

I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night.
I wasn't that impressed ...

Anonymous said...

The horrific news about the commuter train made me stop cold and my thoughts went first to you and your family. I hope you are okay, bb.