internet window shopping

Here's a baker's dozen of things I'd buy from Provisions by Food52, a site I love.


1. I spent quite a bit of time at Buvette last year with someone who is no longer my friend. (Long story!)
It's a great place that I need to return to to feel better about (the place, not the friend).  This book looks to be a looking at cookbook rather than a cooking from cookbook, but that's fine.


2. Have you tried any of the sausages from Olympic Provisions? They're pretty good. I'd like to try this Sweetheart Ham.

3. My pal DW was telling me that her sister always gives her a pair of bayberry candles for Christmas and now I have a hankering....


I'd put them right next to my acoustic iphone amplifier. That's 4.


There is a wide variety of products available with an equally wide price range.

But there are lots of great kitchen things too. We go through thermometers very quickly. I'd like to try this one.

iphone temp

6. I have plenty of aprons but I don't have one like this and I've been looking for one.


I love soap. I love lavender.


7. I love lavender soap.


8. I'm surprised to admit that I think this little moss terrarium kit looks like fun.

9. Love the idea of cleaning cloths. The price is a little steep but they're so pretty.


10.  Second favorite scent: woodsy.

fir candle

11. We need flatware. I don't think any family anywhere goes through flatware like we do. Most of the teaspoon handles are cracked and the dishwasher seems to have ruined all of it.


These are so pretty, mismatched but all of a set piece. Soup spoons!

12. I very much like the idea of re-usable wrap and imagine that this stuff smells lovely.


13. Lastly, I'd send a set of these to Poppy who only ever has champagne at the deluxe apartment and has been looking for real old-fashioned champagne glasses...or was it martinis?!


The recipes at Food52 have been reliably good too.


NorahS said…
I need an apron but I never seem to do anything about it. That flatware! Love, love, love!
I've been itching to do a big terrarium in an old fishbowl.

I decided that if the dishwasher and the occasional garbage disposable were going to chew up my flatware, I may as well just get crappy IKEA stuff.
Duyvken said…
All lovely. When you compile these photos/links posts do you intentionally choose pictures that coordinate with each other or is it serendipitous?
alice c said…
I didn't get much further than (1)because the book looks lovely but the long story sounds like it doesn't have a happy ending.
Anonymous said…
Pretty things! And the idea of just some nice candles each year as a gift...simple, but perfectly indulgent and useful at the same time.
Plus lavender anything.
Scot said…
I love food52! They have such good recipes. I was reminded that my Chalula Chicken recipe is posted there. Their shop, however is way too pricey for my wallet. Everything that I've found there that I really want, I can usually find cheaper on ebay or amazon. Great pictures though.
Paola said…
I despise lavander or anything with lavander.

LOVE that flatware.