Good Housekeeping magazine

I had lunch with a friend who works for Hearst a couple of weeks ago and he walked me past the Good Housekeeping labs which was great fun to see. They were busy testing vacuums and dishwashers and laundry detergents and I could have stayed all day watching. As we were leaving he grabbed a copy of the magazine which I think I've only ever seen in doctor's waiting areas, and I slipped it into my bag and forgot all about it. I found it yesterday and had a look...


Those shoes? Copies of very famous, very expensive PERFECT dress shoes.  (Doesn't it look like they are a half size too small though? What's up with women wearing too-small shoes?)

I have read so much about Bio-Oil that I promise, when I run out of my amazing argon oil, I am going to try it! Recommended by Good Housekeeping!


This, on the other hand, I am completely afraid of.

I could LIVE on food like this. On the other hand, I've been recovering in bed for a whole summer and it shows. I will not be living on food like this.


I do not have Fibromyalgia but I am taking Lyrica under the supervision of my pain management doctor. We are using Lyrica to allow the nerves in my hand and wrist to heal without pain. I have some mild side-effects and am looking forward to being able to recover without Lyrica, but am doing what I'm told...because things don't always work out so well when I don't. Okay?

I would actually like a treadmill. Don't be so shocked! I enjoy walking and I think I'd be good at walking on a treadmill if I had good music or a stupid television show on in front of me. The fact that I have no place for one and no budget for one either is a deterrent.  K and I are cleaning out the basement this year,, maybe someday. (HA! I just looked at treadmills on Craiglist and they are relatively cheap!)

Ooooh, thank you Good Housekeeping! I am completely into the kohl eye pencil thing and will definitely try this one. I got a great one in Germany.


OH, PLEASE. Really? I think this is a fake question.

Yes, yes. I do happen to have a "dream kitchen." It IS amazing, yes. BUT, were I to ever create a different kitchen, I think an induction stove-top is the way to go. If I ever did a new kitchen I would focus more on one all-important question: how easy is it to clean? Because, people, the bazillion dollar Viking cooktop and double wall ovens are a bitch to clean. And how groovy are those induction elements? Very groovy.

In a not-so-fascinating q&a with Jada Pinkett Smith we learn that, before company arrives at her house, she cleans up ten dogs worth of dog crap. They have TEN DOGS. I don't think I wanted to know this.


AHA! I have read about these devices and NEVER believed they were effective. The good folks at the lab have proved me correct!

I have Aquaphor. I love Aquaphor. I had no idea it could be used for so many things!

There are a great many pharmaceutical ads in Good Housekeeping magazine...who's reading? Why do they have so many ailments? Am I in this demographic? Yikes.


Fascinating. Must research further.

Okay, so maybe I'll cave on the treadmill, but AthLeisure? NEVER.


So. Not a bad read. Would I buy it? Probably not -- well, maybe if I was going on a flight.

It's back to work for me!
And I, of course, with all the rest of you, plan on eating better, drinking less and walking more - although it is supposed to be nine degrees on Thursday!


Kimberly said…
I actually subscribe to Good Housekeeping because the first year was only $5. I think the second year was $12. And I figured I can always get $1 of entertainment from it each month. (Even though it makes me feel old.)
GH is one of those magazines I read at my Mom's.

The only reason I quit the Lyrica (and I DO have Fibromyalgia) is because it wasn't covered by our insurance and it was $80 out of pocket. I will tell you, and I'm sure the doctor will too, that it is one of those meds that you need to wean off slowly.

I really thought it was a miracle drug, because I could walk 2 miles a day without lightning bolts of pain in my legs.
kmkat said…
I need to remind myself to check out Craigslist when I am looking for something, not just eBay.
Jen on the Edge said…
I cannot speak highly enough about Bio Oil, which I've been using for years. LOVE.

And Aquaphor is a pretty much a wonder drug.
Paola said…
Good Housekeeping is one of the first memories I have about the US, along with Better Home and Gardens which my late aunt use to buy all the time, including the recipe books. And I do have a coupdle of those here, which she gave me. Aquaphor I LOVE. Bio Oil never tried. Fancy range kitchen? A real BITCH to clean. I always cry when I see the induction ones ... Happy back to work to everyone! I've resumed my gym but it's HARD.
Duyvken said…
We have a mutual friend who has a chronic dry eye condition. She is sitting outside under the stars tonight watching a movie but I am sure she will check in on your soon and will catch that photo. I might have to investigate bio oil.
Seriously, you never saw GH before? Didn't your mom and aunts have them in baskets in the bathroom?
Anonymous said…
Gosh, I remember reading this as a girl and learning all about helpful housekeeping tips and relationship advice and home decorating.
We have an elliptical and I adore it for winter workouts. Go for the used treadmill.
KPB said…
I have friends who swear by Bio oil. I can't abide by it. I feel like my skin's going to slide off.