We assembled on the 28th.
Behold! The cousins were a gorgeous bunch of young adults.
Let's see...from youngest to oldest they are:

18 - wonderfully funny, taking a gap year
19 - make-up artist, sophomore at wonderful private university
20 - a junior at Art School
24 - makes video for the internet
24 - photographer and jewelry maker extraordinaire
29 - tattoo artist

attending via skype, the two youngest cousins - Lego enthusiasts who appreciate Nikes and...and...I'm not sure what else, actually, as they are young! Younger!

Adorable all, I am lucky enough to be godmother to the photographer and love to buy her presents all the while plotting what to buy from her for other people.

Each cousin is talented and interesting and wonderful company.
We're fortunate but we worked hard at it too.
I am proud of each of them.


blackbird said…
Did I say wonderful enough?!
The cousins in our bunch are from 13 to 29. They love getting all together. The next time will be at the first WEDDING! ( not one of mine, one of my sister's)

Speaking of tattoos, both my offspring got new ones this week.
The girl got "home" on the inside of her wrist and the boy is almost done with his Asian inspired sleeve. The newest is a turtle with a hardly noticeable blue mask in honor of his lifelong love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Duyvken said…
You can never say wonderful enough. Have I blogged about my 'wonderful' ring and Mr Duyvken's 'wonderful' tattoo? I can't remember.
I have chair envy.
Paola said…
When someone or somethign is wonderful, you can never say it enough.
How wonderful!