January 3, 2015

around here...and elsewhere

We never celebrate the new year and this time around I ducked under the covers and completely ignored it.  I've been awfully sick since sometime around December 10th and am finally on the mend.
I will freely admit (or tell anyone who will listen) that I feel it is a great injustice that I should have a gimpy hand AND a horrible cough for so long that I pulled muscles in my side. Totally not fair.
But I turned the corner yesterday and asked K to take me to the ocean.


We had a good, longish, walk - well, long for me anyway.


It was windy and bracing and pretty swell.


And though I had thought of doing something like writing my wishes for the year on paper and tossing them in the sea, or something inspirational like that, I simply didn't have the energy, emotionally or physically to do anything but walk on the beach.


I did sage-smudge the house, though. It smelled awful but I was very diligent about getting it done.
I smoked up every corner of each room.
But the Hand of God candles I've burned since 2001? I'm done with. I was so superstitious about them protecting us and feel foolish about it now. Nothing protects us. Well, maybe helmets.


I read the piece Bono wrote yesterday. He's surprised at how long his recovery is taking.
He ought to call me.

After the beach we went to one of the places where K does archery.


I met his archery friends - a good group of people. When the range lost power (is there anything more dangerous than 50 people with bows and arrows in total darkness?) we went to a nearby diner for coffee and giant slices of cake. It was nice being with new folk and I'm pleased he's using his time to practice something he's always wanted to learn.

After the diner, I drove by myself (a little big deal) to fetch Oldest who'd been dog sitting in the lap of luxury.


I drove through Times Square which might have panicked some, but which I loved. The car was completely surrounded by hundreds of pedestrians at one point.


I wish I'd thought of taking a picture sooner. It was quite something.

Today and tomorrow I'll spend some time in front of the fire, do some laundry and get ready to go back to work.
We've told ourselves we won't fret about K's lack of work until Monday but I'm finding it difficult.
I really need 2015 to be different for us.


Sweet wee plants from my co-workers.
Let's not end on an ungrateful note.
My job and the people I work with are a blessing.



kmkat said...

What I nice post -- I feel like I was chatting with you over a latte and a muffin. I have never driven through Times Square, but I did drive a humungous Dodge conversion van through the Wall Street area of Manhattan, where the streets are about 2" wide. Only clipped one rear view mirror ;-)

Susie Sunshine said...

Thanks for checking on the ocean and taking pictures for me.
I miss it so!
(And you! The whole lot of ya!)

2015 will be just fine.

NorahS said...

Thanks for the update. I had been wondering. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Duyvken said...

I love to go to the sea. It is always good to be on the edge of something enormous and noisy. I hope work picks up for K and that the year starts off well.

Robiewankenobie said...

I'd also like to vote for a peaceful 2015 for you and your family. <3

marian said...

You are protected by the light you share with everyone here! You will heal, work will arrive for K and all will be well!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have good people around you, that's so much. Bono would be lucky to count you among his friends.

Paola said...

That plane flying by ... ready to land.
Love walking on those LONG beaches.
I wish you everything you wish for.
And more.

kim at allconsuming said...

"gimpy hand" Heh.

I'm hoping 2015 will play fair as well.