words and pictures

Yesterday was the rainiest day ever.


I killed my umbrella and laid it to rest in a pile of similarly dead umbrellas.

I went to PT and the pain management doctor.


He's not happy with the nerves in my hand and has increased the dosage of my Lyrica.
He has a nice view.


This thing? This six foot by six foot thing in his office? Is made of paper. It's kind of neat.

Then I met Middle and Youngest at the train station.

Middle bought himself a special birthday present.


And, lo, the evening laid itself before him...


Six bags! Two books of instructions! 

I got a special present too.


It's the tiniest landscape by the creative director down the hall and I luff it.

Yesterday was the great scarf sample sale and, while I bought a couple of black things, I also bought  a scarf with colors!

When I went to PT you'll never believe who I worked with. Bill.  Bill who had a similar accident, Bill who was not good about his PT, Bill who had a bad attitude. And you'll never guess...Bill who is totally different and much more positive about his recovery.
We are at about the same level of recovery - 65%. We did strength training together, we compared scars and pain levels and we commiserated. Toward the end I cried a little as I wish my hand wasn't so present every minute of every day (the Lyrica will help) and we reassured each other. It was a little Christmas miracle.

I gave small scarf-sale presents to the PT ladies and won't see them again till January.
I've got a new sheet of homework and stronger putty to work with and, though I need to go over my lists and parcels, I've done much of our Christmas shopping.

Snow today?
I'm hoping!


Crazy Mom! said…


You bought something with COLOR!!!

I am so proud of you. Try wearing it! It will improve your attitude!

Buy another - I dare you.
Paola said…
I can simply follow Crazy Mom Tats' enthusiasm and jump for joy and excitement.

COLOURS. Bold ones, no less.

We dare you indeed!

Yes, the impressivo Star Wars Lego didn't impress as much as THAT.
Paola said…
impressive ...
Green Girl said…
Color! Star Wars Legos! A tiny (SO tiny) landscape!
And healing!
Things look good there, Blackbird.