I have not seen Love Actually YET, but last night, I did watch Forrest Gump and Steel Magnolias at the same time! I just kept flipping back and forth between channels...because I am trapped in my bed with a wicked cough.

The tree is up, we have to wrap presents today, and my work at work is pretty much done.
Our holiday party was Thursday at a small but elegant restaurant. It was crowded (200!) but wonderful. People seemed to have had a great time (did you know I'm in charge of the holiday party? I have the wonderful help of my friend K each year and, I must admit, this year I delegated more responsibility to her.

We had Wellfleet oysters and delicate tendrils of octopus with lemony potato and barley porridge in the loveliest setting a short walk from the office. Youngest joined us (wearing the antlers he's been wearing all month) and had a cocktail (he's five months from legal) and met one of his graphic design idols.

Two more days of work and then I'm off for the holiday.


I watched Love Actually yesterday whilst wrapping. Dinner sounds yummy!
Anonymous said…
Our card table is set up, the gifts are purchased and I am ready to wrap to White Christmas this afternoon!
Crazy Mom! said…
I hope you feel better soon....

We had a lovely office holiday party on Friday night, at an event space in the local Botanical Gardens. It was all lit up for the holidays, so pretty. Lots of food and drinks and fun.

Have presents to wrap and gifts to ship still!
Duyvken said…
That sounds lovely. I love reading that work is going so well. x