four terrible/ four fabulous Christmas presents

All day long I get emails.
Yesterday, I was inundated with suggestions. Bad suggestions for Christmas presents.
Here are four of them, all available from Fancy.


Who is this egg cup for? Do you know a child who eats soft boiled eggs? Do you know an immature adult who loves knight-themed dishware? How easy is it to clean this cup?


Who would you purchase this for? Who THE HELL would you get this for?


I realize that this seems like the coolest spice rack ever but I want to tell you that it holds, roughly, one meal's worth of spices.


Am I the only person who finds this disgusting?

I don't mean to knock I've seen lots of great stuff there and encourage you to click through and shop around for yourself.

In the meantime, here are four things I like very much.

This blouse is on sale and there's a coupon code AND it would be a very nice holiday top (in medium).

I have ALWAYS adored this tub and whilst helping a pal stock a new kitchen have rediscovered it.

This rack is what every girl needs to plan outfits or hang things to dry. $9.99!

The Chanel dress, please. Yes, you read it right.


Crazy Mom! said…
OMG are you talking about that pretty blouse in RED? RED? Not your usual black or gray?

Red would be very pretty.
kmkat said…
I recently bought a couple of largish two-sided suction cups from Fancy. They are universal cell phone car mounts. For $8 I now have a place for my phone in my husband's car and in our mini-mini-motorhome. (I have a great holder in my own car).

But $87.50 for what is essentially a dishpan and brush? Sorry, nope.
Ann said…
I always enjoy your finds and click-fests. Thought of you when I came across Worn Stories - you might like it.
blackbird said…
What a wonderful find, Worn Stories!
I love it - thank you Ann!