Christmas part III

We're off to K's sister's today where nearly all of the cousins are grown-ups.
There will be great food and lots of laughing and a spirited gift swap.

Here are some links to keep you busy whilst I party.

Thoughts on this? I don't have a problem with Pandora but there do seem to be a lot of commercials.

This kept me busy for a while this morning.

I'm having problems with my amazing Muji ultrasonic humidifier. Grrrr.

I shit you not. I am printing this out and hanging it near my desk. I am completely salad-challenged.

Very tempting. I might be able to manage it.

Mary Kate and Ashley wear this as lipstick. I am lipstick challenged as well.

How to email a busy person.

Do you love Jo Malone? I do and I need to go check this out.

Charts to put on your desktop when your boss walks by. Things Meatloaf would do for love!

I love little houses.

Maybe I'll snap some pictures!


Paola said…
So ... Happy belated Christmas!

I was absent, went to Paris with Brizio for 4 nights as his birthday present.

It was hell.

Happy New Year!

That salad list is amazing. We only know one way to eat salad here: head of lettuce, salt, vinegar and oil.
Duyvken said…
I am also lipstick challenged and love little houses. Two tiny wooden houses sit on the shelf above the computer so I look at them all the time.
The salad chart is pretty much genius. My family is sick of my Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion combo.
I pinned it to Pinterest, but I really want a laminated copy to consult in restaurants and grocery stores.

The gif on the email link made me laugh!
Scot said…
That Champagne tumblr kept my attention for far too long also. Interesting fact: there's a picture of McQueen looking under the hood of a Ferrari. If that was his car it sold, at auction 5 months ago for almost $10 million ($9,25,000,000). Other '67 Ferraris sold that night went for less than half that price. He's STILL the king of cool!

Also, I've never heard of hand knitting. Except for that ugly blue nail polish,hat was cool!
L.P. said…
Lipstick is my favorite cosmetic of them all. I go for deep, subtle burgundy reds myself but wore a vintage-type red last week and got many compliments, so there's that. No rosy nudes for me.

I love Jo Malone but Jo doesn't love me. As soon as I put her scents on my body chemistry changes it to lighter fluid or something. Heartbroken that I can't wear Fig and Cassis.

Off to go check out that Tumblr. Happy New Year! (I'm working NY Eve and Day, so I'm getting it in early).
Anonymous said…
Your charts and salad ideas are fantastic. As always, the best links are here, at Say La Vie, Inc. Happy Christmas to you.
The mice--slayed me with cuteness and I live in the country and HATE mice as a general rule, so that's saying something.
Amy A. said…
Happy New Year to you and yours, bb!
KPB said…
Phew, so far behind. Marry belated Christmas oh lovely one and a happy new year.

That lipstick will last you 5 hours under water. Crucial.

A scarf like that in a climate like ours would have you pointed and laughed at. But don't let that distract you.

And now I crave a beet(root) salad.