a merry Christmas

We went to MFAOA's house yesterday.
My uncle made his famous chicken stew.

V & B

I am still pretty sick with a terrible TERRIBLE cough, so I tried to keep to myself as much as possible.


I got several wonderful scarves for presents - my favorite - so I was cozy all day.

We played games and laughed very hard (coughing!) and sang The 12 Days of Christmas and had our annual tacky Christmas card contest.

I had time with my tiny cousin.


I made her a calendar of family photos as a present.

Oldest has the cough now...it's just a matter of time. He'll need the doctor as well.


And, while most of you are probably planning or dreaming of winter holidays -


I am resting and imagining swimming in a warm ocean.


All of these sweet felted gifts are available here.


Feel better! My youngest is down for the count, too.
alice c said…
A belated Merry Christmas and every good wish for a Happy and Healthy New Year! Much love - Alicex
Crazy Mom! said…
Merry merry merry!

Hope you - and everyone else - feel better and QUICK!

Did any of the scarves have actual COLOR in them (hint hint!)?
L.P. said…
Hope you are feeling better!

Those are the cutest effing mice EVER.