Twenty four things about Middle.

1. Drinks Manhattans.

2. Continues to shoot exotic vehicles but cannot drive.

3. Does not watch television.

4. Uses Murray's.

5. He likes pizza and burgers.

6. Informed me, last night, that he has a complete medicine cabinet in his night table drawer.

7. Favorite breakfast is presently a single egg, fried and served on top of half an english muffin.

8. He's an excellent sleeper and can do so anywhere.

9. Rarely falls ill.

10. Is not a "talker."

11. He's often helped me realize the insignificance of things.

12. Is a no bullshit kind of guy.

13. He's a good guy.

14. Looks amazing in his suit.

15. Is a great gift giver.

16. Rarely says no to anyone in our house about anything.

17. Hasn't played the sax in a long time and is still close with this young woman.

18. He's one of my favorite people to watch a movie with.

19. Shhh. He colors his hair.

20. Shaves with a straight edge.

20. Carefully researches just about every purchase he makes from deodorant to cameras.


22. Humors me.

23. Humors most people, I think.

24. Is 24 today.

We couldn't be more proud and look forward to feeding him and his small crowd burgers tonight.


Paola said…
What an impressive list.
Happy Birthday Good Guy!
NorahS said…
Happy Birthday, Middle! Sounds like an amazing, thoughtful young man.
kmkat said…
Happy b'day, Middle! Hoping all the best for you forever.

Mom: Middle is so much like my Younger Son: techie, somewhat geeky (and I mean that in the most positive way possible), a Good Guy, and played the saxophone, shaves with a straight edge, researches every purchase extensively. Yay for sons!
Poppy B. said…
Please wish Middle a very happy Pearl Harbor Day from his fellow Sagittarius!
All the best good guys were born today! Happy Birthday, Middle!
Duyvken said…
Happy birthday dear Middle.
Happy Birthday to Middle!
Hilary said…
I hope he had a great birthday!
Irene said…

Happy happy birthday Middle. Really looking forward to meeting you in real life soon. xo
Irene said…

Happy happy birthday Middle. Really looking forward to meeting you in real life soon. xo
Anonymous said…
Obviously I am not truly in love with Middle, as I said in my previous note, but nonetheless, I WOULD HAVE BEEN, you know, when I was younger, and if he was my same age (he's not; I could be his....youngest aunt, haha) if it at all been in any way possible. So as platonically as possible, therefore, I wish him a very happy birthday, with many happy returns of the day. And you, bb and K--congratulations on raising such amazing young men. It's a tremendous accomplishment.

Jen on the Edge said…
How can he be 24? HOW?!

I hope you all had a lovely day.
RW said…
Ah yes. The December birthday. Hope you all had a great day.