What's Middle up to?

Aside from filming/editing footage of exotic cars, shooting rock videos on the roof in Brooklyn and hoisting grooms on chairs in Austin, Middle is doing a stint at BBC America. And, since I like to stay up to speed on my boy's work (I've got photos of nearly all of Oldest's tattoo work) I've been clicking over there to see what's what.
The result?
I am completely smitten with The Graham Norton Show!

Adorable Emily Blunt and her cute baby!

Gorgeous Keira Knightly isn't as gorgeous as we thought!

Adorable Anne Hathaway simulates zero gravity.

Are jokes in other languages just as funny when translated into English?

Oh. I nearly forgot! Middle was at a show last weekend at which five bands played and the sound guy quit moments before show time and MIDDLE TOOK OVER AND RAN THE SOUND BOARD.


Active Lisa said…
We love Graham. He has the best experiences with famous people.
What a great experience for Middle to get to be in another country.
Anonymous said…
He's wonderful! What a cool talk show!
And your sons--they ARE rock stars. And do lights for them in their spare time.
That could be your next bumper sticker maybe.
Paola said…
I shall just breathe in all the gorgeousness Middle (and Oldest adn Youngest) are and do.
They are fantastic, amazing boys ... well, men in fact.
Scot said…
How exciting for Middle!
The Graham Norton Show is a Saturday evening must for me. Never fails to entertain and crack me up. The tales from the Red Chair are sometimes the best part. You can watch full episodes on youtube. I highly recommend the episode with Matt Leblanc and Zac Efron or the episode with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Fox(The Weatherman says...) Funny stuff there.
Does this mean Middle is in London?
You should ask Oldest if we can see some of his photos.
blackbird said…
Middle is not in London...he is here but responsible for the BBC America YouTube channel, EXCEPT FOR DR. WHO.