things I'd order from The Grommet

Sometimes you just don't want to wear a towel around your waist and, maybe, you feel a little old for surf shorts.

I have some fine motor issues.

I love sponges. I wish I knew how to use cloths (right sidebar)

I'm a sucker for bags.

These seem ingenious. SEEM.


I pretty much love bamboo anything and need a nightshirt.

It isn't inexpensive but I see the need as I have trouble finding my suitcase sometimes.

I need to up some people's sock game.

I luff wooden utensils.

Not sure why I need this but I think I need this.


Too late!

This is the best idea!


kmkat said…
I bought some silicon food savers similar to the ones you linked to. They seem to work fine, although the ones I got turned out to be much smaller than I expected. None fit over a bowl, only a glass or can; haven't tried them on a piece of fruit.

Just ordered the wallet wand. It is so hard to find a wallet with a shoulder strap, and I hate carrying my heavy purse into a store if I don't have to.
Love the sponges and bags. LOVE the wallet wand.
NorahS said…
Well, that was fun!
KPB said…
I'm chuckling at the notion of men's business hosiery.

Felix goes on hikes where that water purifier would come in handy.