The Scene: bb and Youngest are enjoying bagels on bb's bed, with their laptops.

Youngest: I’ve been re-watching the Ghibli movies because I found out that they all have a deeper, more mature meaning behind everything.

bb: ...blinks

Youngest: Like Spirited Away is really about child sex slavery and the prostitution industry in Japan.

bb: ...slightly sharp inhale

Youngest: And you would only know this if you spoke Japanese because the name of the bathhouse is the same word they used in ancient times for whore house

bb: Wait – is this on purpose?

Youngest: Yes.

bb: Why haven’t the Japanese told us about this?

Youngest: They’re busy dealing with their own problems.


Anonymous said…
I mean, I'm not surprised, Godzilla movies all have a deeper meaning, too.
kmkat said…
I love it when our grown-up children teach us things.
Anonymous said…
Gosh! But i believe it, too.