It's my favorite time of the year.


Everything is golden and red and the air is cool in the morning and evening.
We've sat in front of the fire watching movies.


Tim's Vermeer was awfully good and sparked a conversation about this.

And we learned an awful lot watching this.

This might be perfect.

Middle has sent this link which you should definitely watch.

It would be tremendously helpful if this turned out to be accurate.

Oldest has asked me about this each fall - now I have the facts!

I can have as much, if not more, fun browsing here than in the mall. They've closed the giant Anthropologie store near my house and opened one in a strip mall that is practically sterile. It's a sad day. I've spent many hours hanging around that store soaking up the atmosphere.

K and Oldest brought back some of Granddad's grass-fed, organic beef. You know how to cook it.

This is a brilliant four dollars spent.

I'd like one of these.

I've got a bob - I think I'd like to have it go shaggy for the winter.

I've had a crush on this woman since I was a teen...she's involved with a project with my company now. It's a treat to observe her.

I want one of these too.

And one of these.

Finally, something from Youngest, who, after watching an episode of Flipper said:
Is Flipper just WATER LASSIE?!


Jan said…
Thanks for the link to the MRC video. I adored her as a young woman and had lost track of her the last 10 years or so. Off to check out her book!
Paola said…
Always lovely to browse through your links.
Sad face about Anthro closing.
Love that cut.
A water Lassie ... giggle.
I've spent my whole life trying to have my house look like MRC. My husband is very thankful that I never succeeded. ;/)
Thanks for Tim's Vermeer. I need to add it to my queue.
Lucille said…
It's a great magazine you put together here. Look forward to the next issue.
Anonymous said…
I too love your links! I wish they'd open in another window, instead of making YOUR window go away.

Water Lassie. haha!