It's a cold rainy day. I have a tremendously busy Monday ahead of me. What am I doing?

Reading the horoscopes.

Laughing at the coffee maker.

Wanting the sweater.

Loving the organization.

Reading the lists.

Wanting the things.


And this, probably too.

So many good things here.

Our firewood.




Can you see it there? Stacked perfectly?

Youngest, yesterday.


 So many people took his picture!


 I told him the costume required a pretentious title like: The Death of Dreams.

He wore it all day at school. Silently.

Middle was an astronaut. Of course. I told him the outfit puts 20 pounds on him. He appears to weigh 100.

Best casually worn costume encountered yesterday.



Anonymous said…
My favorite part of Halloween has become the unexpected costumes.
Your taste is exquisite and that coffee maker is ridiculous.
I want that sweater, too.

How heavy was that TV?? Youngest must have well-toned neck muscles.
kmkat said…
I looked at your wood pile and thought (I really did), "She makes even a woodpile look quaint and shabby chic and really, really, cool."

Take that, Doug. (Doug is clearly headed for a nervous breakdown caused by being so ridiculously anal about his woodpile.) (You can tell him I said so.)
Happydog said…
So the pinifore. Does it come with or without the bird on her shoulder? Did you see the bird?
Halloween isn't my favourite holiday but Youngest's costume could make me a convert.
That black Henri scarf is awesome. I could have used it today when I woke up to 42 degrees in FLORIDA!

I also thought Doug's woodpile is a little anal. Your wood will burn just as warmly.
irene said…
I could have written this post. really. except the firewood part. and of course the costumes part. because your boys have always had the BEST COSTUMES EVER.
Duyvken said…
Love the wood stack comparisons. We have a messy stack under the pizza oven and a very tidy (and purely ornamental) stack in the fireplace.
Unknown said…
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Scot said…
I bought an XRAY® PLUTO SWEATER last month to get ready for autumn. I've gotten to wear it 4 times. I wore it today and by the time I got to work I was so hot that I ALMOST regretted wearing it. When I came out of work it was 46 degrees. Yay me! Total win!
Anonymous said…
What kmkat said about the wood pile. It makes me want to come there and knock it over. (Sorry Doug, it's not you, it's me.)