perhaps I'll write to Bono

"The latter injury was particularly damaging, with the bone shattering in six different places and tearing through his skin, reports Rolling Stone. "He will require intensive and progressive therapy, however a full recovery is expected," said orthopaedic trauma surgeon Dean Lorich in the hospital's statement.

I could write to him! My wrist was broken in six places.
I could tell him about the importance of physical therapy - to be started as early as possible!
I could encourage him to accept the plates in his arm.
I would tell him that at some point (I haven't gotten there yet) the scar from where the bone tore through his skin would be easier to look at.
Having a bone shatter in six different places is a very serious injury, but I have it on good authority that, if his hand was not involved, it's not an especially difficult injury to recover from. It's hand injuries, because of the complexities of the hand, that are hard to heal. 

I visited the pain management doctor today.
The pain management doctor has the most fascinating patients. I'll have to tell you about them sometime. 
The point is, I had a pain management appointment today with one of five Chinese doctors in the practice (this fact is worth a post on its own). I had hoped he'd suggest we scale back on the medication but he did not.
As I've had a relatively pain free month, the doctor would like me to continue at the prescribed level for at least another month, and probably three. We've passed the crucial period wherein nerve re-generation and healing must not be associated with pain but the nerves in my hand are not completely healed. And though I'm a little foggy and sleepy it's worth putting up with.

So, I was thinking about Bono tonight. He'll be fine. We'll both be fine - but he's got a broken eye socket and a set of shoulder injuries too. I was wondering how fast he could possibly have been going on his bicycle, when K pointed out that he was on a bicycle. WE were on a scooter and must have been traveling pretty quickly, compared to a bicycle. 

I ordered a set of Spanx tights today. I've gained some weight since June and I didn't fit into two of my skirts today. A co-worker recommended Spanx tights very highly and convinced me to get a pair. 
I should be fast-walking to work each day to lose pounds but that's not especially possible right now. 

Remind me to tell you about Miss Edna from the pain management waiting room.


Anonymous said…
Oof, that sounds like it was a doozey of a crash.
What a process this healing is. But it sounds like you've got good people in charge of it.
Paola said…
Miss Edna sounds like someone we MUST hear from.
I thought: wow, was he maybe doing acrobatic cycling in Central Park in order to get THAT many injuries?
Spanx, always heard from, very curious.
Wendy said…
I bought some spanx leggings off the clearance rack at Von Maur. Still pricey on sale, but the best leggings I've ever had. Please report on the tights!
Amy A. said…
Can I suggest you just buy a couple of new skirts? Spanx are hard to get off and if you are dying to go to the bathroom, that combined with a tender hand, might be a challenge. Yanking them up in the first place isn't a real joy, either.

But, if you get them, I hope you love them!
Anonymous said…
I might have to agree with Amy A's recommendation. I have one pair of Spanx, and man, they really are hard to maneuver with fully functioning fingers.

Neither you nor Bono win, but I'm glad you're doing so much better, and I'm sure he'll eventually be fine too. It's so odd to picture Bono on a bike!

Anonymous said…
Ooh, and I hope he asked for a black cast!

Was gonna write what Amy A. did. Buy new skirts!
Scot said…
Buy Bono some Spanx, see if he likes them! :o)
Poppy B. said…
I've decided that you may struggle with your Spanx tights for the months of November and December as a form of therapy. But then in January, ditch them and go back to PT. Because holy moly, getting into a pair of control tops is a challenge at the best of times, which this is not.