new favorite

I love a good wedding video.


Anonymous said…
I love Laurel and Josh! Is that Middle's video? It's perfect.

I'm pretty jaded about marriage at the moment but oh my, who can not be happy at such joy!
Jam Sandwich said…
what joy I wish them a long and happy life together (her flowers were almost identical to those I had at my own wedding 23 years ago)
Scot said…
What a lovely video. You rock Middle! The bride and groom must have had sore faces from smiling so much.
I went to a wedding Friday. Colorado finally achieved marriage equality and Don and Jay FINALLY got married! Get this, they got married on their 39th anniversary. We closed the shop, (Jay, Don and I are the only ones that work there) and I got the day off.
Angela said…
This is perfect. It honestly does not get any better than this.
kt said…
Wunnerful!!! I told the girlie we had to watch it together--Josh very much reminds me of a friend of hers, so I told her it was time travel to her buddy's wedding day. We laughed and loved it and she agreed with my description. What an incredibly full and delight-filled day!

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