my problems with flickr continue

Whenever I attempt to upload photos from my phone to flickr additional photos get grabbed and posted. This has been happening for months and I'm going to try not to be too aggravated by it.
Today, for a few minutes, you would have been able to see photos of furniture from a recent trip to West Elm where I purchased a credenza for my office. I've let the photo of the bed linens I love remain but had to delete about a dozen useless photos of credenzas from my feed.

At the end of the day my hand tends to look craggy and old.


I have two more PT appointments and then a break until January when I will start going back twice a week. We have a lot of work to do. Presently, I am working on not being completely freaked out by the piece of metal I can feel.

me, referencing my pinkie which does not straighten completely: is this it? is this the best it will be?

amazing physical therapist to whom I am completely indebted: it's never IT. We'll work on it.

And so we do/shall/are.


This guy is right outside my office window. They're chipping/drilling/hammering the bricks of the building. It is by turns annoying/stupifyingly loud/crazy. Yesterday they used the window to bounce off of. Cookies in the foreground? May be the only thing I like at Trader Joes and are also responsible for at least some of the largerness on my bottom half. I'm sure. They're gone now, so that's good, and I've started walking to work again.


It's Christmas at the train station. Did you know I wrote a song called Holy Shit It's Christmas?
I'm singing it now.


I've purchased my 2015 calendar and was, uh, I don't know, surprised (?) to see that June commemorates our June scooter accident with an illustration of a scooter.  I had not seen it before ordering. Is September a young person being thrown through the air? I did that too.


 I might have to stop in this coffee shop (next door to PT) and check it out.


Inviting, yes?


kmkat said…
I have to tell you my window washer story.

My boss and I were in Phoenix to do an audit of our company's branch office in that city. We were sitting in the head guy's office, which was on the corner of the 517th floor of a downtown office building. (Well, it seemed like the 517th floor.) As we were chatting with him, a window washer platform came into view right outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of his office. I tried very hard to keep my eyes on Head Guy and not on the window washer, but when w.w. leaned w-a-y over his railing to reach a faraway bit of dirt, I lost it.

Head Guy (and my boss) were not amused.
Anonymous said…
I'd be hopeless working by a window like yours. The distractions would be endless.
And I need to sing along with you.
Yipes! A scooter like that? I hope that bodes full recovery by June!
Scot said…
I know I've told you that I walk to work MOST of the time. This week we've had single degree weather and I've been taking a cab. The sad part is that tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to bring us WARMER weather - mid 30s! AND we're all looking forward to it!
Also, if it ain't there yet, it's coming your way...stay warm.
Paola said…
I've always been in awe of the window guys, I come from Positano so know, I'm like the little girl in the prairie going to the city.

Your hand looks great, really.

LOVE the linen.
You are the only person I know who shares my aversion to Trader Jo's.
L.P. said…
You don't like TJ's?! My entire pantry comes from there.

And the calendar is adorable, but it won't work if the illustrations traumatized you :(

Keep working on that pinky. You're making amazing progress!
Anonymous said…
You're amazing. I loved reading all of this. But man, bb, we do ALL of our shopping (except for what comes from Target) at Trader Joe's. I cannot believe that you don't like it there, and since I hold you in esteem and value your taste, I am now wondering what is wrong with ME.

That September kid is jumping off the school swing set.

I idolize you and know that you can get past the metal, the pinky, that you will not be scared of the June image (cute calendar, btw, overall), AND that you will get over your TJ's thing...all in due time. lol