November 30, 2014

around here

We had a really quiet weekend.
Nothing was more exciting than Middle and Youngest digging out their Star Wars Legos.
Or, wait: nothing was more exciting than this:


homemade bacon on a stick!


With Irish steel-cut oatmeal for dinner.
It was that kind of weekend.


It's clementine season.
And, there, in the foreground, is my second attempt at gingerbread, which I am attempting to re-create after the stuff I had at the Maine Diner.


The Millennium Falcon has been re-constructed.


I have started my holiday decorations and it's a good time of year for whiskey.


Then again, when isn't it?


Scot said...

Hooray for clementine season!
Try this, it's so Good!
Clementine Cake

The 8-inch springform pan was too small for this altitude and made a real mess - but it was such a tasty mess!

Paola said...

Homemade bacon. Wow.
I only drink a bit of whiskey with ginger ale (which I have to make myself because they don't sell it here, so that's rare).
I can't believe it's almost Christmas, it's still so warm here.

L.P. said...

We had a quiet weekend, too. A roast chicken and a nice fire in the fireplace.

Clementines and steel cut oatmeal (esp for dinner)—yum!