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He's in Texas. I laugh because of the circumstances.
Middle had previously sworn to never set foot in Texas. He's promised it since he was a child, for heaven's sake, but there he is. For a wedding.
You see, he was responsible, in a round about way, for the bride meeting the groom, and after befriending the couple, was made part of the wedding party.
He was forced to wear an outfit and fly down there and every second of his time is scheduled and accounted for. He's been a kind of grinch about it all but I wonder if, as he watched the groom prepare...


and caught sight of the bride...


 if it softened his grinchy little heart just a bit.
And I wonder if he made a toast or got sentimental.
But I might never know - it's Middle we're talking about. He's silent you know.
(How gorgeous is that bride?!)

We'll pick him up at the airport tonight when we drop me off!

Meanwhile, Youngest is cat-sitting in the city. He's living the life on the upper west side and loving it. Who wouldn't?

Oldest is sick. Resting up. Doctor tomorrow. Nothing serious but he's needy.

MEANWHILE, in the monsoon yesterday, K shot in the final tournament.



And I, my friends, I am off today, to Germany. I am meeting a co-worker at the airport for a drink and cozying up in my seat, and reading a good book, and napping.
And yes, I can manage my suitcase - it has wheels, and I will wear slip-on shoes for security, and I have all my medicines packed. I might need help opening my dinner on the plane but I will be fine.
Here are some posts from last year, but this is even better.
Watch it again and play with the cameras at the bottom of the screen.

I'll be in touch from Deutschland.

(People whose faces appear here have already given their permission for their faces to appear on the rest of the internet.)


Safe and happy trip! That book looks divine and off to order it. That bride- that bride!!
Paola said…
A year has passed, you'll be close to me again and I won't be able to see you, AGAIN.

Truly a lovely bride.
Anonymous said…
i loved austin, tell him theres a Salt Lick BBQ in the airport and not to miss it for a yummy meal on the way home! Safe travels... acorns... Lewis
kmkat said…
I agree with Middle about Texas. Had to travel there many times for work, hated it every damned time. Austin is not exactly typical Texas, though.

That conductor uses a toothpick as a baton?

Safe and happy travels!
NorahS said…
Auf Wiedersehen und gute Reise.

(And yes, such a beautiful bride!)
Duyvken said…
What a beautiful bride. And a gold medal too. Safe travels.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to K! Mazel tov to Middle's friends! And have a great trip, bb! You can do it!

L.P. said…
The bride is gorgeous! I'll bet he has a good time in Austin, despite his misgivings. And K! What an arm, huh? Congrats on the gold medal, that's pretty damn amazing.

Safe and happy journey! We await reports!
Anonymous said…
A gold medal! Wow!
And I'm with Middle. Despise the idea of Texas, but if one MUST, Austin is adequate I guess.
Sweet wedding tale.