The trauma of the event takes a long time to get out of your mind. Good luck from Minnesota.

That comment, from someone I've probably not heard from before, means so much to me.
It's true, too - I was on the train this morning and suddenly my mind flashed to lying on the street with K shouting for me to get up and me not knowing I was hurt because my hand and arm were underneath me. A breath of a second before it was unimaginable.
And I am doing very well, I know that.
And I don't often think of that second. But Minnesota is right. It takes a long time.
And I'd so much rather hear/read that than this, which has become somewhat standard:
Well, you're lucky. It could have been so much worse.
I'm hating that sentence right now.
Yes, we could have been killed. We know that. We live with that.
I suppose our injuries could have been much more extensive and we are fortunate, but, somehow, this isn't what I want people to tell me right now.
It's my left hand!
My commenters seem to get it. Everyone is quite encouraging.
Bravo commenters!
I'm going to practice some driving this weekend as I have some driving to do and am not very good at it. It's not that I am fearful, it's that my left thumb doesn't wrap properly around the steering wheel and my palm is numb, so turning is a bit tricky - and my wrist is not flexible. One doesn't realize how many tendons and muscles are involved in driving.
And tomorrow is K's birthday so there's that...and we've turned on the furnace because it's cool at night, which I love.
We've bought him arrows (he chose them) and a smoker which he researched and we drove a couple of hours to fetch.
He's making himself ribs for his birthday, Key Lime Pie or St. Honoré for dessert?
I might have to spend the day hugging him.


Paola said…
Happy birthday sweet K.
Many people (me first) would dedicate their birthday to doing nothing.
Not you.
You will make and do for all your loved ones because that is who you are. A spread love by caring, cooking, or just beign there.
I truly admire you.
And Bb, that phrase you're hating right now? It's the most common all over the world and I don't thik there's anybody who can appreciate it. Go practice your driving, you are doing a wonderful job! Brava.
Paola said…
YOU spread, not A ... think, not thik ... sorry, I will never learn to read my comments before posting ...
I believe it will take your brain and soul longer to heal than the bones and tendons and ligaments. The brain, heart and soul parts can't be discounted and need to be cared for and nurtured.

Happy Birthday to K.
A SMOKER! I can imagine the fine meals he'll be making with that! The gift that keeps on giving!
izzyt said…
I had an incident about 3 1/2 years ago that could've killed me. What a mess inside my head. My body healed spectacularly over time. But my head and soul have taken much longer. Not sure if they are healed or if I have gotten weary and just put it aside. I hope peace for you.

Yeah for driving! Being free and more independent is good for the soul!
Don't tell Mr. Pom about the smoker. Jelly!!
Amy A. said…
Those flashes! Isn't it weird what triggers them? Hoping they get fewer and farther between for you.

I'm going to start using distastro. Thanks for the new word.