Oldest is, presently, really feeling Johnny Cash,

and especially this song - one of his last. Haunting.

Anyone tried this?

I hadn't checked here in a while. Still great.

Many of these kinds Tumblrs fall a little short - a one joke deal. So far so good with this one.

K and I saw these in the mall. Fascinating.

In. Our. Future. (Link)

I'm sort of in love with this apartment. Imagine being newlyweds and buying a two bedroom Manhattan apartment and then renovating? (In case you don't live here, I'd say we're in the six million dollar neighborhood.)

We waited patiently...

(Please to note: K says to tell you that the aluminum foil is temporary...ALL LEAKS MUST BE SEALED.)


And K and his new smoker did not disappoint. We had ribs at about 7:30, the very best slaw, a mini St. Honoré for me and K AND a Key Lime Pie. Beans too.

I spent some time catching up on magazine reading.
(Totally smitten by Leanne Shapton, you must zoom in on the photo below.)


I wantwantwant a big blanket shawl like this.



...Reminds me of Youngest and me.
Youngest did me the best favor yesterday. K was good enough to pull all the winter stuff out of the attic (too heavy for me this year) but I've been missing three sweaters. I was a misery for weeks, thinking I had donated them accidentally. Youngest pulled all the bins out again, whilst K was at archery, and there they were, in the bin marked Christmas!


 I continue to spy on the elegant lady on the train. I shall keep you posted.

I just told K he has a beautiful white wave in his hair. He told me, as he does each morning, that his hair is a disastro.
Where did he get that word I wondered out loud?
From our Fabio, one evening in the kitchen, in Positano - where not a thing in the world was a disastro.
I fear I am a little homesick for Positano, as I know Paola is homesick for New York.
The four of us will be together again.
I know it.


Paola said…
All the links, when you post them it's like Christmas morning, unwrapping boxes.

Before I read the explanation I wondered: where did K get that word?

The big disastro is being so far away.

We WILL get together again.
The boots: yes
The shoes: oh no
Anonymous said…
I love any Johnny Cash! When I was young my parents use to take me to his concerts, his music really stuck with me. My phone is loaded with his music.
Anonymous said…
The boots! Yes!
Disastro--I am adopting that lovely word. It's so sophisticated.
There is never a bad time for Johnny Cash. Or lusting after gorgeous real estate. I like imagining how I'd live in different places, too.
Crazy Mom! said…
When I get out of bed, my hair looks like Medusa. Quite appalling.
L.P. said…
OH, I love Johnny Cash. That song is beautiful and so austere.

And that apartment? Yeah, I'd live there. But it triggers such feelings of inadequacy about my house, which is primarily held together by duct tape these days. Such is life.

Happy late birthday to K and you sound like you're both making good, good progress. It's never a straight line, more like a gentle upward-inclining spiral, I think.

RW said…
Blundstones and Johnny Cash in one post.

I am on the hunt for new boots - lucky for me I have a very stylish sister who is much more flush in the cash department these days - so we are going to go through her closet. She also owes me a pair of boots for doing her this weekend could be good times.
So happy to hear the progress / update report.

It is dark and wet here on the west coast. I have twinkle lights in the kitchen window.